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House Plans

Professional House Plans from the Best Construction Company in Waikato

Designing your own home can be a rewarding experience, but you need the assistance of an experienced pro if you’re going to do it right. You can’t trust just anyone to bring your vision into reality - you need a dedicated team who understands what you’re trying to accomplish. At Mackenzie Construction, we’re here to be a trusted source for all your construction needs.

We offer an assortment of certified plans – or house plans that have been pre-certified by the Certified Builders Association. These plans can be built as-is or they can be customized to suit your needs. In addition to house plans, we’re also a construction company that serves the Waikato area. We will not only design you a house, we’ll do the construction as well. No other home building company in New Zealand offers the array of services that we offer at Mackenzie Construction. Likewise, no one else offers the same unique, modern house plans and design features we have available. We’re a company that is always innovating and looking to make our designs unlike anything else on the market. We’ve won several architecture awards for our work and we’re incredibly proud of our accolades.

There's nothing quite like living in a home you designed for yourself. It feels more unique, personalized, and familiar. It’s like living in a dream world that you created with your imagination. If you’re in search of the best construction company in Waikato to make your dream a reality, come see us at Mackenzie Construction. We’re based in Thames, but we work all over the Coromandel Peninsula and Waikato areas. Give us a call today if you have any questions or you’re ready to take the plunge into building a custom home. We’re happy to answer your questions and prove to you why we’re the best home builders in New Zealand.

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